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The movie consists of four panels, all synchronized to the same time. The top plot show the whole time interval of the movie, including the 1-minute Dcx indices of the individual stations in different colors, and the global Dcx as a thick black curve. The moving vertical black bar gives the current time of the movie.

The two middle plots cover momentarily only 24 hours, with the upper plot giving a time expanded view of the Dcx indices of the top plot. The lower plot shows a momentary (1-minute) local time asymmetry calculated by fitting the individual Dcx indices as a function of local time using a 3rd order Fourier series. The momentary average Dcx index value is subtracted from every fit. In the contour plot, red (blue) means that the local Dcx index in that local time sector is below (above) the average Dcx.

The bottom plot presents the Earth in the middle, with the white (black) hemisphere depicting the dayside (nightside) of the Earth. Four fixed longitude sectors (0E to 270E) are shown as radial lines, and the stations are noted by dots and names, all rotating with the Earth. The intensity of local Dcx indices are depicted by the distance of the station from the Earth, with zero Dcx distance shown as a continuous circle and the +/-100nT, +/-200nT, -300nT, ... lines as dotted circles. The momentary local time distribution of the Fourier model described above is plotted as a dark varying curve, whose evolution the individual Dcx values roughly follow.